Top 3 Myths About Old Age and Senior Citizens

Top 3 Myths About Old Age and Senior Citizens


  1. Old age is painful and scary

One of the most common myths is that older people are seen as weak, sick, useless, practically incapable of doing anything. Also, old age can be associated with poverty. As the studies of Western scientists show, such an attitude towards old age is associated with the fact that modern society is aimed at achievements and results. Due to limited physical abilities, older people cannot work with the same result as young people. In addition, many old people are no longer interested in the eternal race for success and prefer to simply live by doing what they like. The fact is, many old people do not see themselves suffering and unhappy, they are full of the desire to live, to do favourite things, to take care of their relatives. And since older people also tend to save money “for old age”, they should not be seen as poor.


  1. Old age is loneliness and dementia

Another cruel stereotype asserts that the old people sooner or later end their lives in complete solitude and isolation, and dementia is the inevitability associated with the gradual extinction of the brain. This statement is fundamentally wrong. Older people can maintain a wide enough social circle or have loyal friends and relatives to the most advanced years. As for dementia, only a small percentage of the elderly are affected by this condition. Many old people maintain sobriety of judgment and clarity of thought until death.


  1. Older people are a burden

Another common myth about older people is that they are seen as a burden to the family. Relatives are forced to support them, to spend money on a nursing home, as well as, if necessary, to hire carers. Such an attitude towards the elderly dictates our culture and unwillingness to understand the needs and requirements of our elders. Old people sometimes take on many domestic chores, take care of their grandchildren, and in spite of being seriously ill, they try to be helpful to their family. Respect and gratitude to elderly parents should gradually become a natural phenomenon. Any stereotypes are harmful because they do not allow to see reality as it is. Elderly people, just like youngsters, need Marketplace health insurance 2020 their own characteristics, desires, and needs. An important component of care for elderly relatives is the ability to understand and accept these needs. Older people can help young people with their experience and knowledge. They also often provide emotional support and household assistance.